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3% limp along.
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Six Weeks to T-Shirt Success!

We want to talk to you about the very survival of your t-shirt brand. You have this amazing t-shirt company, and you’re ready to take it to the next level. Where do you see your company in 2 years, what about 5 years.

Feels good to think about that! Your clothing brand on TV. A favorite of celebrities. Social media feed that pops off the page. Having the biggest, best booth at the tradeshow with a line around the corner and chain stores banging down your doors sell your merch!

The kind of lifestyle this brings you, hanging at the best parties, driving your dream car, and a view of the ocean (or desert, or mountains). Whether your dream is to have the most luxurious house in Malibu, or to have the freedom to be a digital nomad and do yoga at every resort in the world... what you need to accomplish either dream: is the income to make those dreams a reality.

And...a laptop.

Most of the work of entrepreneurs is done in a quiet space (or loud coffee shop, if that’s your jam), with just you, a cell phone, and laptop.

And as fun as all the amazing lifestyle perks are...

We know how isolating and overwhelming growing a t-shirt company can be.

Early on there are so many questions, and so many decisions to make:

  • How do I get a great logo done?
  • Where can I find great web designers?
  • Should I use a print-on-demand site or stock inventory?
  • If I print t-shirt how many should I start out with?
  • Are my designs even any good? How can I tell?
  • I only have $1,000 start this company with... how should I be allocating my budget?

Seems like the questions would become less and less as time goes on, but actually... the opposite is true.

As you’re selling 300 or 500 shirts a month, there’s great news & not so great news.

Great news: You have a t-shirt company that works!! If you can get to 300 sales a month, then you for sure can get to 1,000 sales a month!

Not so great news: There are a million more things to figure out.

  • Should I be selling in stores?
  • How do I best approach the buyers?
  • What’s the secret to making a really great catalog?
  • How do I bundle sales?
  • Should I be doing POS displays?
  • What’s the best way to spend my marketing dollars?
  • How can I get my clothes on celebrities?
  • When should I start attending tradeshows?
  • How can I get more traffic to my website?
  • What do I do if I get a chargeback on merchandise I’ve already sent out?
  • How do I even find a list of stores to sell my shirts?
  • Who are the best vendors?

As you move into selling $250,000 – $2,000,000 in annual sales the questions continue:

  • What do I need to know once I start meeting with chain store buyers?
  • Which terms do I need to negotiate on a 30 or 60 day net deal?
  • How do I negotiate licensing deals?
  • How do I factor a sale?
  • How can I consistently get my clothes on TV and in the movies?
  • What is the best way to create huge national buzz?

It enough to make anyone’s head swim.

Insanely, up until now: Everyone who starts this process has been reinventing the wheel.

Why on earth is it set up that way?

Because most people who have started really successful brands closely guard their secrets to success. BUT... it is a formula.

That’s why we created TEEacher, tactical courses and lessons that answer every question that comes up as every stage of your t-shirt business.

You can scale up your t-shirt company from the chair you're sitting in right now. You have new badass mentors who are going to guide your way to the life of your dreams.

We are: Dan "Punkass" Caldwell, Co-Founder of TapouT, and Andrea Lake, Founder of Delinquent, which owned the sales rights to chain stores on the merch for Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Walking Dead, etc. and we’ve both sold millions of t-shirts. Millions. We also both made their way to the top the hard way. We both had full time jobs when we started our clothing lines. Dan was a Police Officer, and I, Andrea, was an Escrow Officer.

There was barely any extra money to go into starting our clothing lines. Dan started out with $1100 on his credit card, and I had $3,500 that I’d saved up.

And any little mistake could cost us our whole budget.

Both Dan & I almost went out of business... more than once.

From dumb things we didn’t know.

Like not to over order on stock before you know what your best sellers will be.

To get your printers to sign off on exact dates that your shirts will be ready for pick up.

Most important: What was the most important way to spend the precious money we did have. Advertising? Merchandise? Website upgrades?

Later in the game we both almost went out of business for bigger dumb things we didn’t know:

  • That payment providers can freeze your money if you make too much too fast.
  • AND... what to do if that happens to you?
  • How do you handle it if a huge client cancels a $200,000 order, but you’ve already made the t-shirts?

Those are real life things that happened to Dan and I. We know the answers to the questions you’re facing at every step of your journey, and...

We don’t want you to have to rebuild the wheel.

We don’t want you to blow through your money on costly mistakes, and have to close your doors. Or honestly even worse, limp along for years at the same level of sales because you’re not sure how to get to whatever your next level is.

So, we’ve built for you an incredible, game changing 6 week course. A tactical guide to your success. We want you to hyper accelerate the growth of your t-shirt company.

Growing a t-shirt line is a formula, and it is teachable & we’re ready to be the badass mentors you've been looking for.

We broke the course down into 6 Weeks. So you can focus in on a different area of growth to master as you move along. We call it The Mogul Course: How to Build a T-Shirt Empire.

The course includes:

  • 2+ Hours of Video Classes Every Week
  • ALL Mogul Course Power Points & Exercises
  • Access to the Private Interactive Facebook Group
  • Recommendations and contact info for the Best Vendors, Suppliers and Resources
  • Access to Submit Your Questions for the Live Q & A
  • 4 Live 60 Minute Group Coaching Calls with Dan & Andrea

PLUS, Bonuses!

  • Starting From Scratch: Full Course Access ($297 Value)
  • 140 Page Road Map Guide E-Book: How to Build a T-Shirt Empire ($27 Value)
  • EXTRA Bonus Call: The 7th LIVE Call: Dan and Andrea evaluate and give detailed feedback on the Websites of Active Mogul Course Owners. 2 Hours. ($197 Value)
    • This means YOU can submit YOUR website for specific feedback on how to make it rock even harder
    • We can’t do every single one, but we always choose people who are most active during the 6 week course on Facebook, and on the Live Q&As
    • This is the best call of the course, regardless of if it’s your site or someone else’s, because the feedback is can be worth not just $197, but thousands in additional sales

"I started TapouT with $1,200 left on my credit card & turned it into a global brand worth hundreds of millions."

I started with nothing and I can show you how.   I'm not different from you.  I never finished high school or went to college.  I just hustled hard everyday.  I've made every mistake in the book, but I figured it out.  Now my goal is to teach the next generation so they can go farther and faster.

Dan Caldwell, Co-Founder of TapouT

"I started my first clothing company not knowing jack.  Eventually, I owned the sales rights on huge brands like Minecraft, and sold millions of t-shirts."

Learn from my mistakes.  I made every single one.  But I pushed through. Created several t-shirt lines.  Became one of Hot Topic's top vendors & eventually owned the sales rights on Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Walking Dead, etc.  I've sold millions and millions of t-shirts.  My goal now is to teach new entrepreneurs success, and I can help you.

Andrea Lake, Founder Delinquent Distribution

Learn From Our Mistakes

Starting a company can be so daunting.  Where should the money go?  Do I get shirts printed first?  Create a website?  Make catalogs?  How do I get buyer names?  Store addresses?  Sell on Teespring?  Attend tradeshows?  Which is most important?  It's overwhelming.  In 6 weeks, Dan & Andrea will coach you step by step through the entire process.

Our Knowledge Is Yours

Get detailed information on every step along the way.  Learn to market, test your designs, get clients and close the sale.  Dan & Andrea show you the best suppliers & vendors, negotiate fees.  Structure your budget your money, market your company, and build a better website, buy ads that convert on social media.  Everything.  We've been there, and we can show you how to get where you want to go. 

We Answer Your Questions

Every week Lessons.biz will release a 90 minute course on Tuesdays for you to watch or listen to and learn from.  Every Wednesday, Dan & Andrea will answer your questions on a 90 minute live webinar.  We are here to provide you with personal and actionable advice you can use now to make your t-shirt company a success!

Grow Your Business Huge

Dan Caldwell built TapouT to hundreds of millions in annual sales.  Andrea Lake has owned sales rights to chain stores for the merch of giant brands: Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Walking Dead, etc.  We will coach, mentor and guide you through the steps that can make your company a *huge* success.

Week #1:  Sales 101

Top to bottom techniques to properly test your new designs & make those sales!  Checking the concept of your brand.  Techniques to make sure people want to buy what you have to sell.  AND what to do if they don't.  Also how to do all of that with the smallest amount of money.  As well as design, logos, trademark & legal.     

Week #2:  Budget & Suppliers

This week *will* save you money.  Even if your supply chain is established.  Dan & Andrea will tell you their techniques for saving money on screen & set up fees, how to pre-negotiate discounts with your screen printers if they deliver late.  Also covers, finishing houses, vetting vendors, creating accessory lines, detailed budget allocation (hint: marketing, marketing, marketing).

Week #3:  Sales & Growth

You have some sales, but how do you make a killing?  Detailed sales strategies to mom & pop stores, boutiques, specialty shops.  Best practices for selling at events, and strategy for tradeshows that saved Dan & Andrea thousands in the beginning, and made millions in the end.  Also covers, increasing web sales, sample sales calls to stores, how to bundle sales, and best secrets to get the store clerks really on your side, their your best ambassadors at the point of sale.

Week #4:  Online Sales & Marketing

Online sales & marketing are so important they deserve their own week.  We spill the secrets to using sites like Teespring to your best advantage, as both a sales funnel & to test your best sellers.  Best practices and recommended budgets for running Facebook & Google, and figuring out what really converts.  Also, techniques to take your online success, and bring it into stores.

Week #5:  Marketing & PR

You can have the best product in the world, but if not one knows it exists...you're in trouble.  Learn to brand your line, create amazing social media feeds on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.  Creating an aspirational story the engages your customer is essential for longterm success.  Also, how to get your clothes on celebrities, use paid placement to your advantage, and secret tricks to mailing your designs to costume designers and internet stars & getting free placement on web, TV shows and movies.

Week #6:  Getting BIG

Building a million dollar brand rarely happens by accident & luckily there is a formula to success.  Learn Dan & Andrea's best secrets on how to double down on what's working, hire the best sales reps, and license your brand.  Also, learn the in's and out's of selling to chain stores, when is it time to approach the stores, how to pitch the buyers, set up your accounts, negotiate terms and avoid chargebacks.  


Just starting your line?  No worries.  We'll have a special 90 minute live bonus class one week before the course starts covering the basics.  We cover how to name your line, create a logo, get a website built, hire designers, detailed descriptions of the different print processess & options.  Plus how to set up a Teespring or Cafe Press test store up an running.  We recommend listening in even if it's not your first rodeo, because we promise you'll pick up a few new gems.

You Deserve to Set Yourself Up for Success.

Do yourself a solid.  

Get coached by the masters.  

Andrea Lake & Dan Caldwell have each sold *millions* of t-shirts.  Millions.  

They share a passion for teaching, and want to see you succeed.  They laugh when they talk about how this course would have accelerated the growth of their companies.  They started Lessons.biz for you, to make *your* success faster and easier.

Classes Start September 23rd, 2019 and run thru November 1st, 2019.  

Don't worry if you ever miss a call time.  All classes and Q & A sessions are recorded, and will be available on audio and video to listen or re-listen at your convenience.

Don't wait.  Sign up today.  

"With just ONE of the tips, from one of the videos:  we increased our sales to stores by 25%"

This course is solid gold.  We followed the "offer bundles of your bestsellers" tip and immediately increased our sales to stores by 25%.  This is a tactical guide to growing your t-shirt company.  It would be foolish to try and do it on your own when a road map is at your disposal.   

Matthew Griffin, Co-Founder and CEO of Combat Flip Flops (as featured on Shark Tank)

"This course was THE BEST business purchase we've ever made!"

We went from coloring designs on shirts with sharpies and having no clue how to do anything, to mass printing, and turning Catch Some Air into a full on brand in one month! If you have any kind of clothing brand, or are even thinking of starting one. Don't be stupid...get this course!

Brianna Tesauro, Co-Founder and CEO, Catch Some Air

"I sold my t-shirt company!"

My coaching from Dan & Andrea absolutely hyper accelerated the growth of Synn, a clothing company I ended up selling only a year later.

Travis Steffen, Founder of Synn Clothing

Time is running out!

Ensure your Spot! 
All of this...Only $997

Jump start your company & live your dreams!
The Course Begins 09/23/19.  Sign up today!

Course is Backed by Our 100% Iron Clad Guarantee

If you don’t see an increase in sales. If you don’t find our secrets and techniques helpful. Or even if you don’t like the font we use on our website! We’ll gladly refund your purchase for a full 30 days after purchase. No questions asked, simply email support@teeacher.com and tell us you aren’t satisfied with our service and we’ll process your refund within 72 hours.